Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wedding on Saturday

Getting married on Saturday. In all honesty, I always thought I'd find someone at Cornell and get married to that woman. Boy, I had no clue what was waiting for me with the female population at CU. I've said it to different people, but I can only hope that each person could find someone that brings peace and happiness into their life and can do the same for them in return. So many people get married today for the wrong reasons not thinking about the simplest of ideas: do you find happiness and love in each other? Do you see yourself living until death with this person? If you can't answer yes, then don't get married. Good luck out there!

I've totally fallen off of the map with typing about sports. I have to do some wrap up of the NBA playoffs, and what I see for the next season.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Protecting against ID theft

After a recent scare of losing multiple credit cards, I've done a lot of research on ID theft. I sat witht he credit card 1-800 numbers ready to call and cancel if need be. A couple of years ago I had a coworker who had his wallet stolen from his gym. He didn't worry about it until his next credit card bill which was maxed out all on charges that happened within 24 hours after his wallet was stolen. It took him months to get the charges erased, and the authorities never caught the guy. It made me think twice about bringing my wallet into the gym. Then again, how many other places do you leave private information or credit cards in vulnerable spots.

Check out this government website about ID theft first. It's pretty amazing how fast someone can destroy your credit and take over your life. This NY Times article discusses how easy it is for people motivated. The one problem I have witht he NY Times article is that it links the crime in question to the scare drug of the moment, meth. It's scary, and now that I can get my credit report record for free, I will check it out to make sure I am clear of any fake charges.

Monday, June 12, 2006

random thoughts

My favorite pitcher in the MLB is having a fantastic season, a rebirth if you will. If he can crack 20 wins this year and end up over 300, he's in the Hall. Hall pitchers of this era are Clemens, Randy Johnson, Maddux, Pedro..... maybe Glavine and Mussina.

I watched the director's cut of Nixon. Typical Oliver Stone, semi-real biopic where he makes the 'truth' as he sees fit. It was entertaining and the acting was very good. Nixon's the closest thing to a rock star that we ever had as president. I don't mean "coolness", no way, but the meteoric rise (war veteran, the House, the Senate, then the VP slot by age 47) and fall ('60 prez election and '62 Cali GOV election losses)... then a comeback ('68 victory), a peak ('72 landslide), and then a tragic end (resignation). Oddly enough, his career was very similar to Elvis', even the timeline (the pic).

whatever happened to Cori Nadine? Seriously, half of my college friends had her as a wallpaper or screensaver.

I respect soccer, but I still can't get into it. I'll watch the World Cup '06, but I won't get fired up even if we win.

I bumped up my 401K contribution to near the max percentage. Since the market will probably do caaaaa-rappy for the next couple of years, it is not a bad time to invest more now. Remember it's money you won't touch for 30-40 years. Every dollar you put away before age 30 is worth putting $3 away after age 50. I check out this website from time to time with investing/trading.

Anyone know how to get a sleeping rythmn back? I can't get back into a sleeping groove. I'm using old Asian Indian relaxation routines to try to get to sleep.

I'm going to end this post with a link to one of my favorite girls of all time. I don't know who's the boss, and I don't care. She won't wear a bra in public, but she will wear her retainer.

I get married in 12 days.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Al-Zarqawi Dead

With the latest news of Al-Zarqawi's death coming out of Iraq, I think we have to look at the death of the modern incarnation of the total warfare leader. Zarqawi was not a brilliant tactician, but he did use tactics that worked to his sides advantage: IEDS and random suicide/car bombings that cause maximum damage and require minimum technology/effort (one stupid martyr and some C4 are enough). What Zarqawi did that was truly smart and what made him a modern total warfare leader (modified thug) was his ability to manipulate and use the media. Not only did he use military tactics, religious and political tactics in small areas of Iraq, guerilla tactics, and espionage, Zarqawi used media. Total warfare is using all of your resources; he truly used all of his resources to come at the Coalition with everything he had. The insurgents and Al Qaeda poseurs in Iraq used tactics that made "great copy" in the tradition of "if it bleeds it leads", and used the internet to spread their message, showcase horrifying beheadings, recruit, and perform spin control. Zarqawi did not need the help of Al Jazeera in meeting goals, but rather, had a good feel for the mood of American Big Media. He understood how to manipulate the newswires and the NY Times crowd to showcase his dirty work, even if it had little impact on the grand scheme. The media acted a a force multiplier for his tactics. Sure he might only be taking out Iraqi civilians, but the images on American television and Big Media treatment could affect mass American popular opinion. Zarqawi understood why the Tet Offensive was successful. It was a military failure in the sense of numbers killed and missions foiled, but it was a morale destroyer in America. Zarqawi and Al Qaeda in Iraq never had their Tet, no matter how hard they tried, and how much Internet media they put out there, they could not win. There will be future versions of this thug, and they may use even more resources to bring forth "total warfare". Hopefully, the death of Zarqawi will spread the message of the improving situation in Iraq.